We are here to announce that the State of Texas, with the passage of HB2, is a now a danger zone for women, the poor, the working class, people of color, immigrants, queer and trans communities, women with disabilities, rural and border communities and those most impacted by lack of access to safe, affordable reproductive healthcare.

We are here to defend human rights and the democratic process, all of which have been demolished by woman-hating, conservative ideologues led by Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Gov David Dewhurst and Bill Sponsors Bob Deuell, Glenn Hegar and Jodie Laubenberg.

We are blockading the entrance to the Senate chambers to disrupt business as usual and to declare that the attack on women ends now!!!

We will not be moved!


  1. they tried every sleazy trick in the book to silence us—false charges of feces in jars, confiscating tampons, false fire marshal decrees to keep us from filling the rotunda, making up their own rules of order to ram this vile bill through, ordering DPS to leave the profetus people alone while assaulting pro-choice activists, limiting testimonies, not calling out profetus people for their slanderous ‘murder’ and ‘babykiller’ language, censoring… and that’s just the short list. This isn’t over. This is just beginning. We’re not gonna take it anymore.

  2. Thank you for your service to this state. You represented woman across this state that could not be there in Austin. Women in rural areas, women unable to afford to miss work to be there, and women such as myself that is disabled and have 3 children. I thank you for your service, going without sleep, food and comfort for many long hours to stand on behalf of me, whom could not stand with you in Austin..and on behalf of the women across Texas. Thank you for being a soldier fighting an unfair, unconstitutional ban. My teens watched the live stream tonight, of the sit in. My 13 yr old daughter responded afterwards with, “So mom, I shouldn’t be living in Texas since I am a girl”. This broke my heart. Thank you for standing for her.

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  4. It’s good to see Americans having a proper response to Texas’s war on women. It’s unacceptable, and work “as usual” should AT LEAST be disrupted over it.

  5. If I lived in Texas, I would be right there in the middle of the protest. I am following your protest and cheering you on. Keep up the good work – for all women everywhere.

  6. I am proud of what you are doing and I think these anti-choicers should be ashamed of themselves! I hope you overturn this in court! Shame on the right wing fascist pigs!

  7. I applaud you. You are not alone. You are representing millions and setting a precedent for the rest of the nation. Their fight is still to come. You are not alone.

  8. In solidarity SISTERS! Please keep up the great fight! Very heartening to see women coming together with a common goal, especially when they are fighting the patriarchal establishment!
    Women Power!

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