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Rise Up Texas Points of Unity

Reproductive Justice – all people deserve to have access to reproductive health services and information in a manner that recognizes a person’s autonomy and agency.

Intersectional / Collective Liberation – within reproductive justice there are multiple points of intersection with other issues. It is our responsibility to understand those points of intersection in order to build a stronger movement that addresses the different ways different people are affected by the same issue.

Horizontalism & Direct Action – we must organize collectively and without hierarchies. Direct action is a strategy for change and taking action in a way that does not ask for permission but rather asserts our agency and vision.

Healing & Empowerment – in order to engage in struggle in a sustainable manner, we must foster a community that takes care of each other and encourages us to take care of ourselves. Individuals who exhibit oppressive behavior and create an unsafe environment will be held accountable for their words and actions.

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